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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Half a day

Half a day spent at work, half a day at home and crying out my duties as a school governor.

Being a school governor, not that onerous a task, just need to attend a few meetings every year (well ok 12 or so) and be willing to give up a few other days to do things for teh school...in my case I am on teh property committee and have resposibiity for advising the governors and the head on Health and Safety Matters. Next week I will be carrying out the annual Structure and H&S survey for the head.

Not such a hard thing to give up a bit of time for the school your children attend is it, in fact I really don't understand how as a parent someone couldn't see the importance of supporting the school in some way, Mrs A is on the Parent Teacher Association btw, the nemisis of the Governors ...he he he :o) They look after all the fundraising and we think up ways to spend it ;o)

Work give me 6 days a year as additional Paid Leave to carry out my commitment, which is really very good of them.


Blogger Dave said...

6 days extra leave - that is F*****G unbelievable. I am a Chair of governors of an Infant School and Parent Gov at the local comp. I work for a small company and the idea of any leave for school governance is frankly impossible.

What time are your comittee meetings and main gov body meetings? Being the Cof G at the Infsants I have made all the meetings at 6:30 to allow for working govs but at the comp the governors are in the early 20th century and all meetings are during the day.

I'm also on the West Sussex Governors assoc' committee and when we meet the Head of Children's services all those meetings are during the day - taking no account of working govs. It really gets my goat as you have probably noticed by now. Govt' wants to attract school governors but the whole edifice is stuck in a timewarp about thirty or forty years ago. How can we attract young governors with things as they are?
Rant over.

Friday, January 27, 2006 5:11:00 pm  

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