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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tonight I have mostly been...


Not Cloth...Leather...again.

Shoes for LMB this time, 14th Century Turn shoes to be exact...Pattern Here. Upper of Calf Leather, Sole of Cow Leather, Lining Thread and very sore fingers :o)

No Photo's yet, cos I have only finished the Left one so far, will sort out the right one tomorrow evening, and hopefully get a piccie up for you all to see my handiwork.

Our car has decided it needs attention, the grinding noise from the frot nearside wheel was an obvious cry for help..it needs new brakes, so i'll be on the train to work tomorrow while it goes in for a little TLC at the Garage accross the road. Looking at about £150 for New Brake pads all round.

And I've made a purchase on Ebay this evening...a new Longbow for Agi.Junior to replace teh one that broke just after we bought it last autumn. So when we go to Italy I can spend the weekend teaching him how to shoot poor defenceless targets :o)


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