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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

just plodding along

Still alive...still blogging occasionally...:o)

Still in the same job, trying to make people follow syatem safety rules and regulations they would rather ignore.

My Medical situation is unchanged, excepting my Arthritis is slowly getting worse, splashed out on a new mouse today more ergonomically suited for my hand, as my wrists are painful a lot of hte time now.

My employer is going through the motions of getting medical reports on me with a view to my possible medical retirement.

Anyway...things are hopefully going to be a bit easier financially as Mrs.A got another Job (see her Blog) in another Solicitors (Lawyers to you Colonials)

As i said in the title just plodding along, going day to day waiting for the bods in personnel to let me know if I am retired or not, can't make any definite plans for the future until we find out...ho hum

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