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Friday, February 09, 2007

Give me my Money Part 2

Remember this post...Aginoth's Ramblings: Give me my Money...

My attempt to get my bank to refund the last 6 years bank charges because they break contract law in that they are punative charges...

Well today is day 7 after my bank received my initial letter, and I have had a reply

Here it is scanned and doctored to protect confidentiality click on it to read

Anyway the gist of it is I have got them to agree to send me my last 6 years statement and then they will consider paying me as a goodwill gesture...lol. Well actually I think that's a good start, so now i just have to plough through 6 years of statements and then tell them exactly what i am claiming from them.

Could this be a painless claim....possibly....shock.

Anyway anyone else interestedin getting there bank chargfes back for the last 6 years see here...
Money Saving Expert and here on the bbc.

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Greetings from China~~~~~~~

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