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Monday, September 18, 2006

A Diagnosis...at last

Stupid Bloody Doctor (Dr.Z)....and thankfully one decent one (Dr.X).

Mrs.A has felt ill for weeks, and has had the most evil cough for at least 3.

She went to see one of our GP Surgery Doctors (Dr.Z) last week and was told she had a cough and was given some Pholcodeine linctus...which did bugger all. Dr.Z. didn't even examine her properly, used the stethoscope over 2 layers of clothes!!! , we've had problems with the abilities of this doctor in the past...

It's been like living in a TB ward last week at home, with all the hacking and coughing I had to abandon work one day last week to go home and rescue her from the children. Mrs.A hasn't slept properly in over 2 weeks, and I’ve not faired much better apart from when she has abandoned bed and gone down to the lounge to Cough elsewhere at night.

a week later and she is no better, she finally managed to get an appointment with our Named Family Doctor (Dr.X) (who we know well and is brilliant at his job). Dr.X took a look at her and told her she has a chest infection and has probably had it for FOUR WEEKS!!! So at last she's got the antibiotics prescription she needs, and I'll go pick it up from the pharmacist this evening.

So thanks to the lack of professionalism of the first doctor I have had the pleasure of living with someone with a raging chest infection for almost 2 weeks longer than I should, this is more serious to me as it sounds... I take immuno-supressents for my Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis that leave me very vulnerable to chest and sinus infections...I have just been very very lucky not to have caught this lurgy myself, which would have in all probability put me in hospital.

When I've calmed down I'm going to be writing a letter of complaint to our local primary Health trust who oversee the GP surgery and fund my drugs to the tune of £10000 per year.


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