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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hold your breath.....

Warning: Oxygen is extremely dangerous and toxic!

Oxygen, is a very toxic gas and an extreme fire hazard. It can be fatal in concentrations of as little as 0.000001 p.p.m. Humans exposed to 100% oxygen concentrations at pressures above 1bar, usually when kept in storage cylinders below 6 metres of water, die within a few minutes. In lower concentrations, e.g. 20%, the toxic effect is somewhat delayed and it takes about 2.5 billion inhalations before death takes place. The reason for the delay is the difference in the mechanism of the toxic effect of oxygen in 20% concentration. It apparently contributes to a complex process called ageing, of which very little is known, except that it is always fatal.

However, the main disadvantage of the 20% oxygen concentration is in the fact it is habit forming. The first inhalation (occurring at birth) is sufficient to make oxygen addiction permanent. After that, any considerable decrease in the daily oxygen doses results in death with symptoms resembling those of cyanide poisoning.

Oxygen is an extreme fire hazard. All of the recorded fires that were reported on the planet for the period of the past 25 years were found to be due to the presence of this gas, in the atmosphere surrounding the event in question.

It is believed that 100% of deaths are caused, either directly or indirectly, by either the lack of, or presence of, oxygen. Oxygen is especially dangerous because it is odourless, colourless and tasteless, so that its presence can not be readily detected until it is too late.

Misinformation by the Oxygen Manufacturing Corp.

Warning: This information is false, and is designed to get you hooked on Oxygen. Just say no to Oxygen.

Essential for the life of nearly all living creatures, except Beluga whales. Regarded as "God's crack" by scientists, most human children are born addicted to it and are fated to live a life of addiction in search of their next fix.


Anonymous Nanny A said...

Do you live in the same house as mrs.A or even the same world ?.Have you read her bloke dear son? she seems set to destruct at any moment. Im very worried about her at the moment-=so would somebody please talk to me and perhaps some help could be available!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006 11:23:00 am  

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